Make me choose: Crooked MV or Coup D'Etat MV asked by robotingi


FANTASTIC BABY is almost at 100,000,000 views!

It stands at 96,057,083 views right now. Once it reaches 100mil, BIGBANG will be the 2nd K-pop group to reach 100mil, the third K-pop artist to reach the number, and the first K-pop boy band to reach 100mil! The only other K-pop artists to reach 100mil are PSY and Girls Generation. We only need less than 4 million views, let’s go!!

And while you’re repeating Fantastic Baby, let’s help 2NE1’s IATB reach 100mil, too! They have a bit more to go than we do, standing now about about 84mil. (This would make them the 2nd girl group to reach 100mil! YG FAM, leggo!)

Remember! REFRESH THE PAGE or CLICK THE LINK AGAIN to count as a new view! The replay button won’t help!

ai, porra